Tiyiso Mbeleji

Teach For Zimbabwe

l am a 14 year old girl from Zimbabwe, where l live in Chizvirizvi village 2 in Chiredzi district under Masvingo Province. l am humble and active in personality. My favourite hobbies are reading novels and participating in sports at school, including athletics, netball, jumps and throws. lt was always my aim to raise our school flag, and l made it a priority to take the first position at school every year.

l also participate in debates and quiz sessions hosted by the Zimbabwe National Aids Council. ln addition to that, l am also a member of a club called Learners in Fight Against Climate Change that helps in the fight to reduce the negative impacts of climate change to the community, Zimbabwe, and around the world. l also created a club called Mothers of Tomorrow that focuses on educating, nurturing, molding, and supporting child-headed families in our society to make a better future. We live in a society that discourages young people, especially girls, to pursue their dreams. l always give them courage and hope to raise their voices about what they want in their lives without fear.

Our community does not value education so l want to be an accountant to prove my point about the benefits of going to school. l also want to empower local youths so as to reduce the inferiority complex syndrome. As a member of the Student Leader Advisory Council, l promise to be a leader who supports and encourages people so that they aim high and pursue their dreams without limitation.