Raquel Jardim


Oi! I’m Raquel, a 17 year old from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, but currently living in Latvia. I’m in 11th grade pursuing my International Baccalaureate Diploma, having a special interest in Global Politics and Economics. Coming from a family that has overcome poverty and hunger through education, I believe education is a major tool in breaking cycles of poverty, and it should be accessible to all.

Outside of school, I pursue activities that contribute to expanding educational opportunities, especially to students in vulnerable situations. I have worked as an Alumni Relations Coach for the Latin American Leadership Academy, facilitating events for the community and guiding young students in their journey towards social entrepreneurship. I have also been an ambassador for environmental awareness projects, as well as gender equality and political activism organisations. I am currently developing a project of my own, MASIS, that aims to promote education for sustainable development and foster autonomy and self-knowledge amongst high school students.

It is an enormous pleasure to be part of the Student Leader Advisory Council and have the opportunity to directly impact the reality of education around the world. I believe that, by working alongside young leaders from multiple countries, I will be able to strengthen my network for change and get us one step closer to universal education.