Pilot Volunteer Work & Stories

Heartwarming Stories from AFNE Pilots

Our volunteer pilots share their experiences transporting thousands of patients to lifesaving medical care. Many of our pilots have provided hundreds of patients flights over the years while others are just getting started. Each flight not only transforms our patients’ lives and their families, but also everyone involved at Angel Flight NE.

Pilot Quotes

“(The Flights) remind me of all that I have and how small our efforts to help with flying is compared to the effort of those whose entire daily existence is a struggle.”

“Passengers are always so appreciative of my efforts. What they don’t understand is that I love to fly and taking them to their destination is fun for me. The real sacrifice would be if I had to stay on the ground.”

” I (flew a patient) from DCA to FRG without Angel Flight, the patient would have had to take a flight from DCA to LGA, them transportation to Penn Station then the RR to Farmingdale. I was able to transport from DCA to FRG in 45 minutes. FRG was just 5 minutes from their house. I got tremendous satisfaction from the “thank you’s” that I received from all my passengers. Angel Flights are better than any $100 hamburger!”

“I flew a little girl and her prospective father, when she was going to be adopted by a new family, after she has spent years in various foster homes. . . Spoke with the father after the flight. . .A very moving story with a happy ending.”

Recognizing Our Volunteer Pilots for Their Service

who fly patients to healthcare facilities across the nation.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.