Ana Sofia Taipe

Enseña Perú

I am 15 years old, a tenth grader, and part of the Scholarship Program of my school located in Lima, Peru, and am happy to have this new experience with other people worldwide! Being the oldest of three siblings, I enjoy the company of these lovely people. Family is very important to me, as well as the people I call friends.

People know me as open to adventure, trying out different activities and courses. For example, without any prior experience in sports, I joined the volleyball team in my school. During the practices, I learned that every member has a role and that we could not play or win if we do not each do our part. In sports, we realize that we all have our differences, but as a group, we can be unstoppable and change things for the better. Now I know that part of being a leader is guiding and encouraging others to believe in themselves and do their part—like a puzzle, each piece complements the other and forms a whole.

One of the courses I valued the most was The Imperfect Art of Living, which demonstrated the vital aspect of living meaningfully. The final target is to become better each day and contribute to society positively. I try to join clubs that align with this purpose. In a recent school club I founded, we aim to reach out to young children from low socio-economic backgrounds and teach them activities their schools cannot do. Working with them has reminded me of the potential everybody has—we only need access to different experiences. I am eager to share and learn in the Student Leader Advisory Council about providing a high-quality education in our communities.